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Eco Schools

This page is written and updated by the Chepping View Eco Warriers.

What is Eco Schools?

Eco schools are a community of children at Chepping View Primary Academy that try to keep the environment healthy. We want to make this academy fully eco-friendly for all children and adults. We care about all children and the environment like every human-being should.

What are we aiming for?

We are aiming to be fully eco-school friendly but to do that we need the Green Flag and we are trying our hardest to be fully environmentally friendly. We would like your children to get involved so the academy's environment can improve.

What does it mean to be environmentally friendly?

Being environmentally friendly means to do things that will positively change the environment. You can do loads of things like litter picking, recycling and saving electricity.

What are we doing in school?

  • Litter picking during our break
  • Energy monitors in every class
  • Some children, at appropriate times, take paper bins and recycling the paper
  • Travel tracker so we promote walking to school more
  • Held book swaps and clothes swaps
  • Recycling bottle lids and Christmas cards

What can you do to help the environment at home?

  • You can go litter picking for fun (make it into a competition)
  • Who can recycle the most at home?
  • Use less plastic
  • Consider your food use
  • Use less electricity

Save the Environment for Future Generations

Read our Eco Code