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Chepping View


At Chepping View Primary Academy, we take the safety and welfare of our pupils very seriously. Safeguarding is paramount and we maintain a safeguarding culture. Staff are expected to be 'professionally curious' in order to protect pupils.

Our Designated Safeguarding Leads are:

  • Mrs V Morris- Leadership responsibility
  • Mrs T Tadgell
  • Mrs P Grewal
  • Mrs T Fakih (during WAC hours)

Our Safeguarding Trustee is Dr Nahla Eltinay.

We follow the statutory guidance in Keeping Children Safe in Education and update our Child Protection Policy  whenever there are any changes (at a minimum annually). This can be found on our Policies page. We also follow the requirements for Safer Recruitment of staff. 4 members of staff and one Trustee are trained in Safer Recruitment.

Please visit our ESafety page for information about online safety.

Safeguarding Information for Parents

Safeguarding Parent Meeting

Information from our February 2020 Safeguarding Meetings for Parents: